Hardcovered Books

Independent Study

A cache of hardbound independent study books are being saved from the trash heap. Below is the list of books currently on hand. Should you find your name on this list, please contact us at info@hthsalumni.org.

Name Project Year Title Teacher
Abbate, Louise 1974 The Effects of Social Attitudes on a Given Event  
Andreas, Laurey 1983-84 Menus of Mexico & Spain Mr. Armour
Anuw, Paulette 1983-84 Teen-age Runaways Mr. Armour
Anuw, Paulette 1983-84 Teen-age Suicide Mr. Armour
Archible, Leanne 1983-84 Cakes, Breads, Pastries Mr. Armour
Asbell, Sally 1974 Dreams  
Ayers, Gina 1970-71 Plant Growth Regulators  
Ayers, Virginia 1972 Calculus for the Computer  
Barrett, Bruce 1974 American Influence in Latin America has Declined  
Barrett, Karen 1972 My 1972 Collection  
Berezow, Holly 1973 The Last  
Berezow, Holly 1974 Poetry and Prose  
Bird, Linda 1970 Miguel De Cervantes Y Saavedra  
Blum, Marcy 1972 Songs from an Earthen Jar  
Boenning, Suzanne 1972 Special Education at Bancroft School  
Boss, Donna 1970 Emily Dickinson: Her Contradictions & Contrasts  
Boss, Donna 1971 Special Education Project  
Boss, Karen 1974 Prohibition of Alcohol & Failures  
Bruno, Michele 1979 Red, White and Blue Carpet Ms. K E Smith
Buzby, Richard 1974 People's National Bank of NJ A Brief History  
Carey, Paul 1980 Computer Inventory Programs Mr. Taylor
Chatelain, Cathy 1970 Science of Tomorrow  
Ciesla, Jay 1972 Short Stories & Poems  
Cilento, Jim 1974 How to Catch Carp w/Reference to Newton Lake  
Colm, Stephen 1974 The Failure of Effective Law Enforcement  
Coplein, Gail Ellen 1971  At Dyson's  
Costello, Michael/Cox, Jeff 1973 Thoroughbred Horse Racing  
Courtney, Kathleen/Cahill, Betty 1974 A Study of Films: Reviews  
Coyle, Ted 1971 Air Pollution  
Crenshaw, Kellie 1983-84 Last Wax Mr. Armour
Dennis, Richard 1970 Blake's Developing Concept of Revolution  
Dodo, Virginia 1971 Appalacia in Rennaisance  
Dudley, Joyce 1972 Moon Castle  
Dudley, Joyce 1971 Scandal  
Edwards, Cornelia 1974 The Aztec and Maya Religions  
Effron, Gail 1971 Experiences in an All Black Ghetto School  
Eisenberg, Alan 1973 The Proper Way to Photograph School Activities  
Fedak, Cindy 1978 African Violets  
Feron, Doug 1983 Hawks Baseball Mr. Trotman
Gallaher, Suzanne 1971 Transcendentalism & Christian Science  
Garabedian, Howard 1973 Ralph Waldo Emerson; His Theories on Education…  
Graner, Nicholas 1978 Running  
Granoff, Nadine 1971 The first and Second Aliyot  
Haberkost, Robert 1971 Designing an Electronic Music Synthesizer  
Haines, Laurie 1971-72 The Bancroft School  
Haug, Brian 1983 Computer Aided Vocab Development Ms. Trauffer
Hefty, Blair 1978 Tom Sneva, Race Car Driver Mr. Bisinger
Hefty, Blair 1976 Gentlemen Start Your Engines! Mr. Myers
Hesterman, Margaret 1983-84 Special Education Mr. Armour
Hoy, Melinda 1978 Speed Reading Mrs. Lufburrow
Kaighn, Robin 1988 Statistical Analysis of Ed Achievement Mr. Runge
Keefe, Marjorie 1971 A Study in the Twelve tone Technique of Composition  
Kerney, Edward Jr. 1977 Computer Programming in RPG Mr. Taylor
Koerner, Jeanette 1971 Social Standings of the Seventh Grade Girls  
LaMaina, Stephenie 1983 Introductory Spanish for 2nd Graders Mr. Wurm
Levy, Lloyd 1970 A Study in Optics  
Lichtman, Tom 1971 Necessity & Possibilty for a World Order  
Lind, Toby Anita 1973 Psychological Observation of Special Children  
Lowengrub, Linda 1974 Mind Lapse  
Lucas, Larry 1978 The Conscience of the King Mrs. Cechvala
Lynch, Robert 1971 Characteristic of the Extreme Right….  
Manns, Kari 1970 A Comparison of the Greek Mythological  
Marcinkevich, Edward 1970 A Survey of Data Processing Products  
Melody, Meg 1980 Bach, Beethoven and Brahms Mrs. Russ
Murphy, Michael 1970 Alienated Youth in American Society  
Myers, Eve 1971 Arachnida Aranaeae  
Nagelski, Glen 1983-84 Physical Fitness Mr. Armour
Nazarethian, Nancy 1973 Spanish Lessons to 4th Graders  
Newell, Kimberly 1983-84 Solar Powered Flight Mr. Armour
Olson, Harriet 1974 Project in Reading  
Pangborne, George 1971 Jesus Christ Superstar  
Perrella, Anne 1975 BrainInjured & Mentally Retarded Children  
Peterson, Marion 1973 My Poetry Collection  
Peterson, Marion 1974 Experiences in Liturgical Music For Children  
Rementer, Denise   The Beginning of Things  
Robinson, Marjorie 1973 Fantasy & Legend  
Rosenthal, Marc 1974 The Ku Klux Klan & the Nazis of WWII Germany  
Sawicki. Edmond 1974 Smuggling in Colonial New Jersey
Scheiner, Leslie 1974 Tres Cuentos  
Scheiner, Leslie 1973 Project Tutor  
Schonwald, Dorothee 1971 Insight into Breast Cancer Research  
Shuler, Paul 1974 Laser Communications  
Smith, Deborah Leah 1971 Poetry and Music  
Smith, Nancy 1973 Emerson & Thoreau: On Women's Liberation  
Stern, Betty 1974 Spiro T Agnew Confronts Network Broadcasting  
Stern,Betty 1972 King Rings Inc.  
Stipcevich, Philip 1973 Concepts in Astrodynamics & Space Flight  
Stout, Debbie 1971 The Digestion by the Bladderwort  
String, Doris 1971 Experiences in an All Black Ghetto School  
Strip, Michael 1970 The Architecture of Frank Llyod Wright  
Tortoreto, Frances 1975 Spanish Lessons to 5th & 6th Grades  
Wagner, Kenneth 1973 A Comparative Pond Study  
Werner, Flo 1983-84 Depression-Inspired Love Poetry Mr. Armour
Werner, Flo 1986 The Game: A Collection of Poetry Ms. Staas
Williams, Lynne 1972 A Modern Don Quijote