HTHS Alumni Association Membership

Levels and Voting Rights

Benefits of Membership

Voting Rights

Regular and Sustaining Members have voting rights on key issues faced by HTHS Alumni and a voice on how the Association conducts its business. Please see Levels of Membership below.

Assistance from HTHS Alumni via networking

Employment opportunities for alumni and current HTHS students
Securing mentors for your student via alumni working in that specific field

Alumni Newsletter

  • As our newsletter is under development, we are expecting to provide:
  • News from inside HTHS.
  • Spotlighted stories of successful HTHS alumni.
  • News of upcoming social events for alumni.
  • Sponsor discounts when shopping and dining locally.

Being a positive force assisting the lives of current student and fellow HTHS alumni

Opportunities to join the leadership of the organization,

The 3 Levels of Membership

Associate Membership

Associate Membership status is free for the asking. It is a membership in our conversational Facebook group titled: Haddon Township High School Alumni Association. At this writing there are over 1900 members. There are posts about everything happening in the lives of alumni, and sometimes, sadly, news of their passing. We keep it light and do not allow any political posts or commercial (unpaid) advertising.

No PayPal account required, just a credit card will do...

Regular Membership (annual renewal)

True, full membership happens when you become a regular member of the association. Yes, you get a voice too. A license to vote on some of our key issues and questions. What does it cost? A mere donation, a minimum of $12 per year. Would we rather see a $20? You bet'cha! Many of us are getting older, fixed incomes and all that...but we have an organization to run, expenses and gifts to give the school and students. Think about it...they're almost all OUR kids. You can make it easy when you click on the PayPal button and join us,  We hope you'll become a regular member and vote with us on key issues. Please donate today.

Sustaining Membership (monthly donation)

This Sustaining Membership happens when you click on the PayPal button and and click the box marked "Make this a monthly donation". Each month you will automatically pay an amount, a minimum $10 per month (or a one-time donation of $120 or more). The Sustaining Membership enables us to plan our course so much better as we can better forecast our donation amounts for the year. Yes, you will get voting rights and your vote will carry more weight...each vote from a sustaining member counts as two votes. Please donate today.