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Haddon Township High School Alumni Association

The Haddon Township High School Alumni Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2006 by dedicated alums for the purpose of supporting Haddon Township High School through donations and scholarships. Further it is a resource to locate and keep in touch with fellow alumni. We are the only such organization sanctioned by the Haddon Township Board of Education. The Association may also sponsor social events that will benefit alumni and residents of Haddon Township, New Jersey.

See what's going on in our organization. Follow us on Facebook for the conversational experience and look here to find more detailed information. Below you can find the following:

Daniel N. Santora, Jr

Memorial Scholarship

Click here to learn more about the scholarship that memorializes this Alumni Association's founder, Dan Santora, and his work to promote the school via its Alumni.

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Associate Membership status is given to anyone free for the asking...but it comes without voting rights, Click here to learn more...

Extraordinary People

HTHS Alumni Profiles

Click here to learn about some of our best who share the common bond of HTHS. Know someone who should be on this list? Drop us an email.

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What are we up to? How to get involved? Who are we looking for? Click here.

Complete Transparency

Our Financials

Want to know what we've done with every dollar raised? Click here to see every penny coming in and going out. COMING SOON

Skills Desired

Help Wanted

We're looking for a few interested alumni with experience in certain areas. Others just need to bring a good attitude and a desire to help HTHS. COMING SOON

Independent Study

Hardbound Books

We've saved a cache of independent study hardbound books that were found at HTHS. Click here to check the list of the 94 books on hand.

Please Patronize

Our Sponsors

There is no better way to thank our sponsors than by asking you to please consider patronizing their businesses. By their sponsorship we have been able to serve our school and alumni.

Point of Contact

Class Representatives

We are currently looking for representatives from every graduating class to be the "go to" liasion between the Alumni Association and your class. Send an email to info@hthsalumni.org and tell us a little about yourself.

Alumni Helping Students and Alumni


Hiring? Need a full-time, part-time or summer job? We can help with both sides of the equation. COMING SOON

HT Centric Organizations



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Events & Announcements

Click here to see event announcements such as reunions, fundraisers, etc.

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Leading a host of alumni

Meet our Officers and Council...all working to serve Haddon Township High School and their alumni. Click on the pictures below to learn more about them.

The Daniel N. Santora, Jr. Memorial Scholarship